Lighting is a critical aspect of a wedding reception. Discover the different ways to light your venue.

Get the ambience just right. Lighting sets the whole tone for your wedding. It creates atmosphere and atmosphere is everything. It’s important to have the right style and amount of lighting that will set the vibe of your wedding, whether it be relaxed, classical, magical or romantic.


One way to take your wedding decor to the next level is stunning lighting effects. Lighting is a great way to create a mood and can enhance your theme. There are many lighting options from which you can choose, from fun and exciting to elegant.
Lighting will set the ambience of your wedding reception and provides a number of beautiful effects especially in your photos and video. Lighting will compliment your theme and the décor of the venue and can be as simple as twinkling lights and candles or go all out to suit your wedding venue. Here are some popular ideas for lighting your wedding reception. • Choose lighting that suits your venue.

In Puerto Vallarta there are various lighting options available these days, from glamorous chandeliers to a string of vintage bulbs over your tables.  For vintage themes nothing beats glass chandeliers hanging over the tables. Add romance to the atmosphere like the soft glow of a candle flame, and many brides choose these as a simple and low budget way to light their reception venue. Candles can be used as stand alone table centres when grouped together in a variety of colours or shapes, or when placed in hurricane lanterns.

They can also be wired into floral arrangements or floating arrangements on water like the villa swimming pool.

Lighting is essential for almost all outdoor weddings, which are most common in Puerto Vallarta. Most villas or private venues have limited outdoor lighting and if there are any lights that exists, they would most likely be inadequate for a reception setting.
Outdoor fairly lights can be equally as charming, especially if they are artfully placed in trees and bushes like fairy lights to highlight any particular features of your venue’s garden.

Citronella tiki torches will have the added benefit of keeping the bugs away, but be cautious of the positioning so the smoke does not create a problem around the dinner area. They are normally used around perimeters or entrances where the smoke is not intrusive to the guests. Flaming torches on long poles can add a dramatic edge to your wedding theme, and look great at the entrance to your venue. Your venue may not allow open flames, especially in cases where there are expensive roof palapas.

Chandeliers are an old favorite for wedding venues in the past, but they have a wonderful effect even for many wedding styles and themes of today. They can take you back to a variety of historical periods, or bring a modern feel to everything with their gleaming crystals and special teardrop bulbs.

Fairylight Curtains and Ceiling Drapery offer great lighting for the reception. The draperies and fairy lights really added the magical touch.

You could hire gorgeous vintage look letters spelling out words like love, or get some of your own intials, or use a word that means a lot to the two of you, like “forever”, your hashtag, “I do” etc! The sky is the limit.

Fireworks are always fun and amazing, especially when they are a special order for your wedding and venue. Before taking that leap for and explosive sky filling displays, check with your planner to check with the venue to get the all clear.  If there are allot of palapas around, or your venue is in an exclusive fancy area of town, they may not be permitted, so an alternative artificial firework show would be your next option.

Lanterns Lanterns again are wonderfully versatile and can create a world of different effects, from rustic to contemporary.

So there is much more coming about lighting. We’ll see you on the next blog!