Minister Cermony Vallarta Weddings

 Minister Ceremony

A Non-denominational Minister ceremony is not legally valid, however it is an essential part of a beautiful wedding ceremony in Puerto Vallarta.

Civil Ceremony Vallarta Weddings

 Civil (Legal) Ceremony

The Civil Ceremony is conducted in Spanish and is approx. 15 minutes in total and is presented by the official judge from the Civil Registry of Puerto Vallarta.

 Catholic (Church) Ceremony

To be married in the Catholic church in Mexico, there are some requirements and your Wedding Coordinator will provides you with all the  instructions.

Mixed Faith Ceremony

 Mixed Faiths

There are various types of interfaith ceremonies, where the couples share in their traditions and cultures.

Commitment Ceremony

 Commitment Ceremony

We also knowledgable in same sex wedding ceremonies.

 Native Ceremony

Shaman Wedding