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The Best Wedding Locations in Beautiful Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta and its surrounding areas offer a diverse array of outdoor wedding venues.

Spectacular Villas

A luxury villa offers a private and exclusive setting for your wedding ceremony, reception and vacation. For your guests, villa accommodations are a luxury getaway option, and for the bride and groom, an exclusive vacation and destination wedding experience, all will remember for years to come.

Unique Venues

These venues can range from botanical gardens with diverse flora to landscaped gardens at hotels, or dedicated garden wedding venues. Many feature large grass space, in front of the ocean, and towering palms, that creates an intimate ambiance with a beautiful lighting and reception setup.

Hotels and Resorts

Hotels are a versatile and convenient option for weddings, that provide a range of services and amenities for you and your guests. The best wedding hotels offer dedicated areas, such as ballrooms, rooftop terraces, and beachfront spaces suitable for ceremonies and receptions.

Welcome to the Banderas Bay Wedding Location Guide

Explore the incredible selection of locations, and wedding venues in the surrounding areas of the Bay of Banderas.  Private beachfront, and mountain view villas, tropical gardens, haciendas, beach-clubs, grand tourism resorts, Yachts and Catamarans, are the many options we offer. Each spectacular venue provides a unique backdrop for a sensational celebration. Learn more about locations by first getting to know the Banderas Bay region and it’s surrounding cities and towns..


The Bay of Banderas, is situated on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, and is adorned with a string of charming small coastal towns that offer a delightful escape from the hustle and bustle, and a location for the perfect wedding celebration. From the serene north in Lo de Marcos to the picturesque south in Mismaloya, each town has its own unique character and attractions.

Sayulita – Sayulita is a vibrant and bohemian surf town that has gained international popularity. Known for its lively atmosphere, surf shops, and street art, Sayulita is a haven for surf enthusiasts and for those seeking a lively beach scene. The town’s main square is dotted with cafes, boutiques, and a vibrant mix of local and international cuisine.

San Pancho (San Francisco) – Just a short drive from Sayulita, San Pancho, or San Francisco as it’s officially known, offers a more relaxed alternative, and a low-key vibe. The pristine coastline and lush jungle backdrop make San Pancho a haven for nature lovers.

Punta de Mita – Continuing south, Punta de Mita is a luxurious resort destination known for its upscale accommodations and world-class golf courses. Visitors can indulge in spa treatments, water sports, and fine dining while enjoying the exclusivity that Punta de Mita offers.

Puerto Vallarta – Puerto Vallarta is the main resort city of the Banderas Bay. that blends traditional culture with modern amenities. The Malecón, a vibrant boardwalk along the waterfront, is lined with shops, restaurants, and street performers. Puerto Vallarta offers a diverse range of activities, from exploring the historic Old Town to enjoying water sports and vibrant nightlife.

Conchas Chinas – Conchas Chinas is an exclusive residential area just 5 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta, known for its upscale villas and breathtaking mountain views. The beaches are quieter, providing a serene escape, and the area is dotted with boutique hotels and luxury villas.

Mismaloya – Mismaloya is famous for its stunning natural beauty and as the filming location for the classic movie “The Night of the Iguana.” The beach is surrounded by lush jungle-covered hills, and the crystal-clear waters.


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Beachfront – Puerto Vallarta is renowned for its stunning beaches, making beachfront weddings the most popular choice.

Private Villas – Private villas offer an intimate and exclusive setting for weddings. Villas often come equipped with expansive garden or beach access, infinity pools, and luxurious interiors, providing a versatile backdrops for the ceremony and reception. The combination of breathtaking panoramic views and natural beauty creates a visually stunning and unforgettable wedding experience.

Tropical Gardens – These venues can range from botanical gardens with diverse flora to carefully landscaped private gardens at hotels or dedicated garden wedding venues. Many venues feature large grass space, in front of the ocean, towering palms, create a romantic and intimate ambiance with the beautiful lighting and reception setup.

Hotels and Resorts – Hotels are a versatile and convenient option for weddings, providing a range of services and amenities. Many hotels boast well-appointed ballrooms, rooftop terraces, or beachfront spaces suitable for ceremonies and receptions. Couples can choose from boutique hotels with unique character or larger resorts offering comprehensive wedding packages.

Hacienda Romance – Haciendas, reminiscent of old-world charm, provide an elegant and rustic backdrop for weddings. With their unique architecture, courtyards, and hacienda-style gardens, these venues exude a timeless, romantic ambiance.

Yacht or Catamaran Weddings – For a truly unique experience, couples can opt for a wedding aboard a yacht or catamaran. Cruising along the coastlines of Puerto Vallarta, exchanging vows against the backdrop of the open sea, adds a touch of adventure to the celebration.

Every villa, venue, and hotel comes with its unique charm, allowing you to choose a setting that aligns with your vision.

The Best Villas and Luxury Resorts in Puerto Vallarta!

Nestled in Scenic Conchas Chinas

A private villa can create the most sophisticated setting imaginable for your big event. Stunning architecture and amazing ocean views provide an amazing backdrop that adds sophistication and elegance to your wedding!

A combination of panoramic views, natural beauty, and modern amenities.

A luxury villa creates a sophisticated setting, with it’s stunning architecture, luxurious amenities, and amazing ocean views, making your wedding guaranteed to impress! The Villa Venue option is perfect if you are looking for a more private, and customized wedding arrangement, that gives you more flexibility, and freedom to set up your wedding the way you want, with your ideas, and visions that you’ve allways dreamed about. Save money by buying your own alcohol or groceries, and chose how you schedule your meals and menu for the week. The same applies for your wedding bar and menu too. Villas are fully equiped and staffed and cater to your every single need. Villa rental rates are seasonal, and differ villa to villa. Most require a 5 to 7 night minimum, and charge an event fee for events and weddings.

Popular Areas

The task of finding a wedding location or event venue can be a daunting task, requiring significant time and effort.

The Hotels

Destination resorts provide an all-in-one solution for couples and their guests to enjoy a fun-filled wedding, and vacation experience.

The Villa Venue

A luxury villa provides a cosy atmosphere, privacy, and flexibility for your wedding ceremony and reception.

The Venues

Garden wedding venues feature large grass spaces, with an oceanfront view, offering a secluded, late night party vibe.